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Performance Testing Service

We evaluate how systems perform and identify bottlenecks through performance, load and stress testing.



Any current system must be capable of responding quickly and needs to be available without interruptions to users.

Faced with high work loads, there is a chance that the system might not be able to meet those demands. Consequently, an organization might lose revenue because of transactions not processed in a timely manner.

There are situations in which the impact might even be higher, and the image of an organization might be seriously damaged.



An efficient system in terms of performance must be evaluated through load simulations that permit the identification of bottlenecks and performance improvements.

We have a team of specialists who are capable of evaluating a system’s performance through the execution of tests simulating the level of activity the system will face when it is live.

The efficiency of a system can be measured from a user’s perspective as its capacity to respond quickly, but also from an organization’s perspective in terms of resource consumption. In the case of the latter, optimizing it might translate into significant savings.

Technical Details

Technical Details

Types of Tests

Load tests to evaluate the system’s behavior when facing an expected amount of users carrying out a predefined number of transactions.

Stress tests to determine how the system behaves when facing extreme loads.

Spike tests in short timespans simulating considerable load changes at a given time..

Endurance tests make it possible to determine whether or not the system under test can sustain continuous loads.

Scalability tests to evaluate the system’s ability to grow.

Certified Methodology

To execute tests, a methodology is implemented, which has been tested and applied to hundreds of projects, using open-source tools. This methodology is based on the Performance Testing United international certification, which was co-created by our team.