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Test Automation Service

We implement solutions for test automation in order to achieve a higher efficiency in the continuous release of new versions.



An application meant for everyone must take into account that 15% of the world’s population experiences some form of disability (information from the World Bank).

The most competitive organizations are those with the freedom to release and update applications quickly so that they can stay ahead of market demands.

Under the framework of implementing agile development practices, test automation plays a fundamental role. In the context of multiple systems and technologies, identifying the most appropriate approach is key to achieving a higher efficiency.



Implementing automated tests enables reducing execution and regression testing timeframes, thus making it possible to release applications more frequently without jeopardizing the product’s quality.

At CalvisionIT, we seek to provide an automated testing approach, offering our support to design the strategy, scope and tools to be used.

Automated tests have significant benefits for both custom critical systems and software products.

Incorporating specialists who can speed up the adoption of test automation and transfer their knowledge to the rest of the team is an investment which translates into achieving a higher efficiency and increasing quality with very low risks.

Technical Details

Technical Details


There are different strategies when dealing with automated tests; what matters is understanding the efforts and benefits at each level.


For this purpose, test scripts are built considering:


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