We are the Katalon Partner with the greatest business impact in LATAM!

We are pleased to announce that we received the Top Regional Partner Latin America award. This award honors the partner that made a significant impact to Katalon’s business in the Latin America region in 2022. Today, Wednesday, February 15th, the Katalon Partner Day 2023 was held, where we looked back at a year of challenges […]

Risk Mitigation in Testing

Risk mitigation is a vital strategic approach employed by companies to prepare for and minimize the impact of potential hazards proactively. It involves taking various measures to reduce the adverse effects of risks and disasters on the organization’s operations. These risks may arise from diverse sources, including cyberattacks, natural disasters, and other incidents that can […]

API in postman

An API is an interface or communication protocol between a client & a server that intends to simplify the client-side application for a better user experience. Methods of API Get Method: The GET method is used to retrieve data from the server when doing so. POST Method: We employ the POST technique whenever we want […]

What is Exploratory Testing? The Best Guide With Examples

In recent years, there have been inquiries relating to the exploratory testing meaning, what it is about, its significance, and how it is done. Exploratory testing allows testers to transcend limits familiarized with scripted testing. It is software testing used in software engineering that has promising components when compared to scripted testing. Exploratory Testing Meaning: […]

Introduction to Visual Regression Testing: A Simple Guide

The size, shape, and position of different design elements, like pictures, pages, or other visual components on the screen, must be accurate for the layout to be considered right. In addition, elements must be distinct from each other and should not overlap. Visual Regression Testing: Definition, tools, and more Checking if the user finds the […]