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The size, shape, and position of different design elements, like pictures, pages, or other visual components on the screen, must be accurate for the layout to be considered right. In addition, elements must be distinct from each other and should not overlap.

Visual Regression Testing: Definition, tools, and more

Checking if the user finds the visual elements of the application’s user interface properly is known as visual regression testing or visual testing in software. Visual Validation Testing is also used for visual regression testing.

When discussing VRT, it’s crucial to consider how the software was developed in the past because, without a reliable baseline, no amount of testing would be useful.

What is Visual Regression Testing?

Regression testing ensures that any software update does not damage anything that has been working properly.

When it comes to visual testing, visual regression testing ensures that any style problems don’t surface when any modifications are made to the product. The application should maintain its previous level of aesthetic quality.

Using screenshots of the current user interface, a visual regression testing tool compares them to the baseline. Therefore, visual regression testing examines past variances. It verifies that the web page continues to render as expected in various browsers despite code changes.

How Visual Regression Testing Works?

Visual regression testing tools simply check that each UI element is displayed in the proper color, size, or location and that no components overlap or are hidden. It guarantees that your program will function flawlessly, even after several software upgrades.

Doing this takes two screenshots of your web application: one as a baseline image before modifications are made and one after a change is made to the code. The test is successful if the screenshot comparison shows no unexpected inconsistencies and the new state of your program is the same as your old reference picture.

Why is regression testing important?

No matter how well your program functions, it will only be useful to the user if it can deliver a positive user interface and experience to the user.

Nowadays, both user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) are crucial. Therefore, visual testing becomes crucial to create a better user experience since a user may perceive a visually beautiful design as more useful.

The user experience is shaped in several ways by visual design. For Example:

  • Excellent visual designs contribute to credibility and trust-building.
  • Enhances the brand’s image.
  • A factor in readability
  • Creates a sense of harmony on the screen.
  • Directs users to take action.
  • Convinces the eye to direct its focus to specific page components.

Additionally, a wide range of operating systems, web browsers, screen resolutions, and devices are available nowadays, so it is essential to ensure the user interface (UI) looks perfect across all possible configurations.

A loss of revenue can arise from even a little UI distortion. For example, users may see visual glitches that are upsetting and unpleasant, causing them trouble.

For Instance

Consider that you own a bank and provide your clients with a mobile banking app for use online.

Some of your customers have complained that after providing all the necessary information for a money transfer, they cannot locate the “Submit” button on the page, which is a frustrating experience for them.

When you look into the problem, you discover that on a specific android mobile screen resolution, the submit button disappears. Because of this, all users of Android phones with that specific screen size were unable to view the submit button.

Therefore, even if the application functionality was flawless in this instance, customers could not finish using it due to a visual problem. This illustration demonstrates how crucial it is to thoroughly test the application’s visual components across all feasible setups before making it available to users.

Because it will have an immediate effect on your brand, the following are some areas where visual validation testing is strongly advised:

  • Mobile Apps
  • Mobile Web/Responsive Web
  • Marketing websites
  • Content management systems
  • Consumer systems like airlines, travel, banking, etc.

Given its significance, businesses should invest a lot of time and resources in visual testing. By combining them with the developer tests already in place, you can find visual problems early in the development lifecycle.

Visual Regression Testing Tools

The essential features of each tool are given below, but if you need to know which ones are the best, here is a fast rundown.

  • Katalon Studio
  • Kobiton
  • Playwright
  • Percy (BrowserStack)
  • LambdaTest
  • CrossBrowserTesting (SMARTBEAR)
  • Applitools

Katalon Studio

Katalon Studio is an end-to-end automation solution that supports functional and regression testing by turning complex processes into simple tasks for testers.

Regression testing software for your website, online services, and mobile application is available from Katalon Studio. Katalon Studio also allows scripts to run on various platforms, browsers, and devices.

With the thorough and editable test reports in LOG, HTML, CSV, and PDF formats, you can study test findings in-depth and send them as email attachments.